Headquartered in Woodstock, New York, Multi Funding is a specialized lawsuit funding company offering fast and reliable legal funding services. With decades of lawsuit funding, business and legal experience, our founders have made it their focus to provide simple and fast lawsuit funding services to clients while maintaining a high standard of excellence. To date, Multi Funding has provided millions of dollars of legal funding to plaintiffs and attorneys throughout the nation.

At Multi Funding, we understand the burden that plaintiffs face, often finding themselves in financial distress while they await receipt of their settlement. Hence, we take their needs very seriously. We realize that unfortunate circumstances require immediate relief and have developed a system that can put money in the hands of the plaintiff in as little as 24 hours.

Clients can use Multi Funding with confidence. We are a direct source for all legal funding services and we never utilize a third party. Our on-hand capital and our in-house legal department allow us to expedite the application and funding process, allowing the funds to move quickly to where they will do the most good.

Multi Funding Litigation Funding Business Practices

Our practices have earned us the respect and recognition of the legal community and our reputation is well-known by attorneys who practice throughout the state of New York. In fact, attorneys and legal professionals turn to Multi Funding first when their clients require lawsuit funding services.

Multi Funding offers a variety of legal funding services including:

  • Pre-Settlement Funding
  • Post Settlement Funding
  • Surgical Funding
  • Maritime Funding

Multi Funding also offers Continuing Legal Education Seminars

Multi Funding has presented Continuing Legal Education seminars to groups, such as the Bronx County Bar Association, on the topic of how to responsibly incorporate plaintiff funding into your practice and educate your clients. As an added benefit, we’re proud to offer Continuing Legal Education seminars to our partners, free of charge.