Commercial fishing injuries lead to a loss of income. We can Help!

It’s no secret that commercial fishing has topped the list of America’s Deadliest Jobs for decades. While dangers of the sea and “Acts of God” play a role, the majority of injuries and fatalities can be traced back to preventable factors—from lack of safety precautions and malfunctioning gear to faulty decisions. That’s why maritime cases differ from most other personal injury lawsuits in three important ways:

  1.  Rarely does a maritime case settle out of court
  2.  Most cases are judged in the plaintiff’s favor
  3.  Settlements are separate from payment of all medical expenses

Should a justifiable lawsuit ever develop around a serious injury, you and your family would be facing at least a temporary loss of income and mounting bills. With so much at stake and a legal system that can keep a case pending for months or even years, the need for cash becomes a critical issue. That’s where Maritime Plaintiff Funding comes in.

You may have heard this type of funding called by other names including lawsuit settlement, pre-settlement, legal or litigation funding. Multi Funding USA not only maintains a specialty in Maritime Plaintiff Funding, we employ underwriters who are maritime law experts.

Completely risk free!

In the rare case that the legal outcome is not in your favor, you and your attorney owe Multi Funding USA absolutely nothing. Best of all, this cash comes with no restrictions. Use it for living expenses, medical bills, college tuition or to launch a new business. Our Visa® Debit Card allows you to make cash withdrawals at 90,000+ banks and more than 400,000 ATMs. You can even have paychecks or other payments directly deposited onto your Visa.

Applying is quick and easy

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