Trial School is a private, confidential, and invitation-only organization that provides education and training for lawyers who represent people.

What is a Platinum Partner?

Two years after launching Trial School’s online learning platform, we decided to bring together the best, most creative minds in the legal services industry. In 2020, we chose to partner with a select number of companies in order to continue offering specialized content to our members FOR FREE. Partner sponsors will help increase our value to our members by helping us provide CLE credits, weekly case workshops, and support for multiple channels of communication, including our brand new members-only community Facebook group, as well as in-person events after COVID-19.

We are very proud to announce the Trial School 2021 Platinum Partners that have generously agreed to join us and offer financial support, content, and ideas for our Trial School members and community. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page, YouTube Channel, and our regular Trial School programming each month for unique and specific content provided by our Platinum Partners, especially for the Trial School members.

We hope you will give these companies your strong consideration when looking to partner with someone in the legal services industry. Here is a brief description of each, with a link to their individual Platinum Partner bio pages where you can learn more about them