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Michelle Fuoco
CFO & Controller

As CFO and Controller, Michelle is our accounting and financial specialist with over thirty years experience in the field.  She works very closely with our VP of Operations to keep a handle on the big picture, from maintaining data integrity, to identifying inconsistencies and to keeping reliable reporting in check. Michelle also works directly with financial institutions, CPA firms and consulting companies to stay compliant with all federal and state taxing agencies and regulations. She supervises and manages our accounting department and the company’s full staff to guide daily operational needs, including cash flow and payroll. Her style is personable and no-nonsense, as evidenced by her history of helping small business start-ups and teaching accounting, computers and finance at a local college

Self described as a team player, she is proudly accurate, efficient, detail oriented, fair, kind and helpful. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, especially if it entails sports and the outdoors – boating and tennis in particular.

Personal fact: While spending a college summer in California, Michelle worked at Disneyland as a ticket taker and customer relations liaison  – and loved it!



Joseph Duffy
Partner & VP National Sales

As Partner & VP National Sales, Joseph supervises business development, client acquisition, service and retention, daily operations and industry networking.  He attends various Bar Association functions and other important events to both cull information  and promote our resource as an essential tool for advance legal funding.  Joseph handles everything from case submission and document gathering, to contract signing and final notification. The demands of the job, and his passion for it, means he proudly boasts being available 24/7 – a note of distinction clients are grateful for. His over and above attitude means he will be there – even if it means driving a contract and check to a client’s home when they were without transportation, expediting the process and saving them a trip. Who can say as much?

A graduate of Fordham University, with a finance and accounting degree, Joseph considers himself motivated, ambitious, sensitive, detail-oriented, easy to work with and – his trademark – easy to reach.  When he’s not handling work details, he enjoys golfing, skiing and the occasional game of poker.

Personal fact:  Although he likes the great outdoors and lives in the Hudson Valley, Joseph has an intolerable fear of one of our most common critters: bees.



Alexis Diaz
Director of Business Development

As Director of Business Development, Alexis is responsible for fostering and building relationships with personal injury attorneys nationwide. She spearheads the services we offer their clients – particularly those in need of surgery funding – while shepherding and streamlining the process from inception to actual deployment of funds. She also underwrites and evaluates cases submitted to our office.

Alexis is a graduate of The College of New Jersey and Fordham University School of Law, and as a personal injury trial attorney, she is uniquely poised to understand plaintiffs’ needs, allowing her to truly put them at ease and guide them through the funding process. Alexis works with plaintiffs to truly customize the right solution for their pre- and post- settlement funding needs, which puts them at ease and removes the pressure for their attorneys to settle too early.

Self described as conscientious, energetic, disciplined, ambitious, adventurous and charismatic, she gets out there in life – enjoying fitness, hiking and travel.

Personal fact: Though she couldn’t imagine having a different career now, Alexis originally studied to be a kindergarten teacher!



Joel D. Kopelman
Marketing Director – Florida

As Marketing Director, Joel is our client relations expert and one of the external faces of the company. He represents the Florida office of our business, and his legal background as an attorney helps pave the way for excellence in empathy and navigating client needs. He is proficient at working to maximize time, processes and the final settlement dispersion of each case.  With a Juris Doctorate of Law from Emory University in Atlanta, a Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting and nearly 40 years of hands-on experience, he is the consummate legal and marketing professional.

Self described as honest, dedicated, focused and independent, he has a truly positive outlook on life. Thanks to living in the sunshine state and leading a healthy lifestyle, Joel’s number-one fitness regimen is cycling.

Personal fact: Living life to the fullest and contributing to the business community at any age, people may be surprised to hear he’s 71!



Michael Lohrer
Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Michael brings years of database management, sales and administrative know-how to the team. An expert problem-solver and immersive thinker, Michael is empathetic to each client’s special situation. He’s known for developing quick processing, creating reliable contracts and working with outside vendors to expedite the resources for each case. A significant tool he developed for us consists of automated communications that keep track of all funding projects with mandatory updates, which has led to an impressive 80% response rate. With the Salesforce platform in his arsenal, Michael bridges both client demands and finding answers.

Self described as curious, analytical and approachable, he is an avid gaming enthusiast (both classic board and video) and enjoys travel and time with his kids.

Personal fact: Michael was born with a congenital eye defect and was told he’d be so impaired he’d never read, let alone drive a car. Here he is today, a professional adult with healthy vision – and a commitment to caring.



Alex Reyes
Customer Relations Specialist

As our Customer Service Specialist, Alex is the liaison between the company and our clients. By providing excellence and care in customer service, she takes pride in being the contact clients (and our staff) rely on for answers and administrative support. Everything from case documentation, to establishing new relationships with law firms to creating new contracts – and more – helps each day run smoothly.  Having worked with law firms and in the hospitality and retail industries, Alex has been trained to provide exceptional customer support and ensure every detail is attended to and every step of the way maximized for complete client and team satisfaction.

Alex likes to think of herself as outgoing, positive, caring, confident and happy (the perfect attributes for customer service!).  Taking long walks, trying new foods and spending quality time with a close circle of girlfriends rounds out the picture.

Personal fact: She would love to open up a bagel shop one day!



Amy Husted
Compliance and Status Coordinator

As Compliance and Status Coordinator, Amy handles underwriting and manages workflow for our clients’ cases. The work she does in managing the nuts and bolts behind the scenes means attorneys can focus on their specialty – the best case results. Her detail-oriented skill set guides cases to run smoothly, and ensures our investments are sound and protected. With her business savvy, and after working many years in the insurance world, Amy is perfectly suited to our highly customized and client-driven field.

A graduate of SUNY Geneseo, Amy describes herself as amiable, intelligent, fastidious and honest – all traits with which we enthusiastically agree. Her love of reading, watching movies and her dog demonstrates her interest in the arts and canine-kind.

Personal fact: With a flair for foreign business and the world beyond, Amy actually earned her B.A. in International Studies.